ServicesWe build systems that assit your organistation to save time, money and effort in all your activities.


We focus on analysis and structuring of data to provide key actionable insights into your organization. Before we even make systems we put your data on the stand and allow it to speak for itself

Artificial Intelligence

Duara analytics focuses on making and deploying customized AI systems that suit your organizations needs and provide key insights into all your organizational needs.

Big Data expertise

Some organizations may have big data. Do not worry. We have vast experience in handling big data from data engineering, cleaning, structuring, modelling to getting insights and making systems This involves everything from big data engineering to the making of models from big data. Big data is the only true data

How can we help?Being data driven improves the following departments and services

Jagannadh Kanumuri 2019

Data Scientists + Data Engineers


Years of experience


Why be data driven?

Improved efficiency in organisations by upto %


Increased Sales by upto %


Time saved in tasks by up to 6hrs/task


Founding Team MembersTHE TEAM

Michael Kirigha

Managing Director

Samuel Njogu

Lead Data Scientist

Dixon Maina

Data Engineer

Brian Mwandau

Lead AI

Contact UsWe will not waiver in our quest for making Kenya a data driven society